Swedish Traditional Breakfast 17/3

Welcome to our free workshop on Swedish traditional breakfast 🙂
We start our first workshop on Saturday 10/2 within the #multiversitetet from Kulturhuset and NBVproject

-Do you love cooking?
-Do you want to learn new recipes?
-Are you interested in Swedish cuisine?
-Are you living in Sweden but still you do not eat like a Swede?
-Do you want to get closer to Swedish culture?

This workshop is for you! Don’t miss it!

‱The workshop is in English.
‱The first participation is free!
‱Breakfast is included 🙂
‱Room: Kafe at Kulturhuset

After the workshop, you will add a new recipe to your recipe’s list 😉

Price: 30SEK

The next event takes place on Saturday, 17th of March at Kulturhuset, between 08.00-10.00.
Stay tuned!

Organizer: The Multiversity in cooperation with Kulturhuset and NBV.